Monday, September 8, 2014

Food for thought: Food Safety

In honor of my 1-year anniversary of learning to cook chicken properly, I'll be posting some food safety tips:

(1) Did you know that you shouldn't leave freshly cooked food out for more than 2 hours or bacteria begins to grow?

(2) Did you know that you shouldn't wash poultry before cooking?  Who knew?!

(3) Here are the minimum safety cooking temps of certain meats:

(4) Here are food storage days. Who knew you're only supposed to keep cooked chicken 3-4 days? 

(5) Here's something for fun. A quick lesson of what's the difference between certain foods/spices. Ever wonder what's the difference between Scallions adn green onions? or Paprika and Cayenne? Find out here:

(6) Here's a nice recipe I've been using lately. These avocado egg boats are delicious! You can dress them up with sauces and spices too!

(7) Here's some info on nuts: 

(8) For good measure, here's a nice Q&A on the low carb/fat diet that's been recently debated: 

(9) Here are 26 ways to use apple cider vinegar:

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