Saturday, July 19, 2014

This week's lessons learned

Ed Sheeran-I'm a mess

This week was quite crazy for Swimming, but in it I have learned some humongous lessons that will hopefully impel me to change and grow

(1) Emancipation is a rite of passage.
(2) Being an independent woman means managing my own stuff-even if it means living entirely differently.
(3) Retail therapy is NEVER the answer.
(4) Building my relationships with others has been time well-invested. I love the people in my life and even more so I appreciate my ability to get along with people from all walks of life. I have learned a great deal from so many different people. 
(5) I know the answer and I know what to do.
(6) Don't every let anyone's pessimism or negativity steer you in the wrong direction.
(7) Approval is unnecessary. 
(8) Trust yourself and your reasoning and your motivation.
(9) Some relationships are getting in the way of growth.
(10) At any given moment there are infinite possibilities. I just let one go, but there are infinite more and I will know when it's time to move on.
(11) It is time I changed the conversation and dynamic around my personal finances.
(12) Learn to sit with indecision and insecurity instead of panicking and frantically seeking answers.
(13) Never act in a space of panic, stress, or indecision.
(14) Sometimes the most dysfunctional relationships are the ones where it isn't immediately obvious that there is dysfunction.
(15) I need to take drastic action to tame my mind. A shout out to for some much needed help on this front. I am extremely neurotic and compulsive.
(16) Nosce te ipsum (know thy self) and then listen.
(17) As long as I am dependent on someone else in such a basic way I am going to have problems building with other endeavors.
(18) PK has been, singlehandedly the best example of an independent woman who can manage her own sh*t and I am lucky that I have such a strong example to follow (THANK YOU)
(19) It is absolutely imperative for me to get my stuff together internally and personally in order to attract solid people in my life.
(20) I have extremely solid people in my life that have, undoubtedly, helped me tremendously in this insane process.
(21) I Have the power to stop myself from spiraling.
(22) I must focus on being truly independent and playing my part.
(23) From MB many years back (I think circa 2011--but goes to show that wise words will never be forgotten):  Protect yourself: protect your mind, the health of your mind, protect your integrity the strength of your character, don't let it go and always want the truth to win. Zealously fight for your self, and for others.

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