Thursday, April 10, 2014

Musing's and lessons

(1) 50 facts about tigers!

(2) Insomnia is miserable!!!!
More info on enhancing sleep

(3) After thousands of viewings in 25 years, I am still in love with the Wizard of Oz.

(4) The psychology of color

(5) Interesting infographic on the science behind happiness!
-Enlightening how exercise is such a powerful tool (sometimes more so than prescription medication) to prevent depression relapse.

(6) 42 ways to get better at life!

(7) Find out more about whether gummy vitamins are good.
While we're at it, here's everything you need to know about Vitamin D

(8) Can you be an Elite Warrior?
  • Elite warriors learn to win in their minds before they seek to win on the battlefield
  • Elite warriors don’t whine.  They embrace the suck, get the job done, then move on
  • Elite warriors love their fellow teammates like their brothers and sisters
  • Elite warriors love their enemies as much as their fellow soldiers (this is an advanced warrior principle!)
  • Elite warriors display integrity in their thoughts, words and deeds, alone, with their teammates and within the “system”
  • Elite warriors do today what others won’t, so they can do tomorrow what others can’t
  • Elite warriors take their eyes off of themselves and place them on their teammates
  • Elite warriors expect to lead, don’t shy from the hard leadership roles, and step back effortlessly when it is someone else’s turn
  • Elite warrior don’t seek fame or fortune, and are humble about these things if they come their way…often deflecting credit to others
  • Elite warriors never quit.  They never quit in training or on an operation.  They never quit their teammates.  They never quit training their body, mind and spirit.  They never quit trying
  • Elite warriors are innovative.  To them the term “failure is not an option” means that failing is required to learn fast, so the whole concept of failure is a moot point
  • Elite warriors train realistically and they master the basics…coming back to them often.  They take nothing for granted
  • Elite warriors know WHY they are doing what they are doing.  It is this connection to their WHY that keeps them focused and motivated when things get tough
(9) Find out how to meditate!

(10) Ignorance is bliss for some people. But being aware of my own ignorance has been a profound gift.

(11) Everyone experiences the world differently.

(12) Some people have an inability to empathize with others.

(13) is wonderful!!!!! I've gotten excellent editing for just $5-10!

(14) I do believe it's incredibly rude to text when you are having a conversation (and even ruder to do it while on a rotation).  

(15) Sometimes people only hear what they want to hear, but wind up missing powerful lessons in the midst assuming. 

Spring is on the horizon!!!

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