Saturday, March 8, 2014

This week's lessons learned

Haven't done this series in a while but lots of reflecting this week:

(1)Dismissing people is one of the best ways to make someone feel worthless and anyone who has the capacity to do that is inherently not a good, kind person.
(2)  There are two types of people in the world: Revolutionary Thinkers and the pessimists that find fault and discourage their ideas.
(3) Know exactly what you want.
(4) It is extremely hard to read people. Especially those who have every intention of screwing you over!
(5) Take control of your health and be proactive about doing what is right for you.
(6) Be smart about altering something in your daily routine and anticipate setbacks and whether you have the time for them (so thankful I started my ulcer antibiotics after my exams last week--I am currently miserable nauseous and have a constant metal taste in my mouth. YUCK!)
(7) When you operate with the end-goal of service you find that you have a place anywhere in this world.
(8) Take strategic breaks and utilize holidays to advance yourself in other aspects of life. (Spring break here I Come.)
(9) Resolve to be better every single day!
(10) Anyone can be anything if they are strategic in their approach to getting better and have kind intentions at heart.
(11) Worrying about other people's business is the last thing on my mind and I think expending energy getting up in someone else's stuff is a total waste of time. I'm so so lucky that my closest friends feel the same way and never forget that great minds talk about ideas!

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