Friday, January 24, 2014

Medical Musings

Zedd-Push Play

(1) On par with a past post, yoga can be extremely beneficial when done properly and in moderation. I recently acquired a heightened awareness to the correlation between orthopedics and yoga and I definitely want to point out that Yoga can also lead to a good amount injuries, especially in the hip for women. Here's a link that can give you a better idea:

Bottom line: Yoga has many benefits, but if you are overexerting yourself and experiencing pain back off and don't be shy about not pushing through the pain. It could save you a future operation (and after reading musing #6 you'll want to spare as many trips to the hospital as possible.)

(2) For every 100g of peanut butter the FDA approves 30 insect fragments. 
Check out the other nasty acceptable/unavoidable food contaminants. Yuck!
(4) Smoking is worse than imagined!

(5) My recent running injuries have led me to a plethora of really great resources on muskuloskeletal injuries. When running: BE SAFE and BE SMART (unfortunately I was neither and that's put me out for over a week.) I like to share the information I've plucked out for my readers and also for myself in case this ever happens again (this way I have one place to go for the best info I've found.)

Great resource from the Academy on all muskuloskeletal specific diseases or injuries
Tendonitis info
How to do a proper physical exam for ortho
Really awesome site with specific info on everything ortho related (symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and general anatomy/physio)
Excellent running blog detailing running injuries
Really great site on specific sports injuries
From the site above but just a good way to ID where your sports injury is
Again, same site but really awesome sympotom checker
Pretty good site on different running injuries and good stretching diagrams
Good information on the background of why these injuries occur
Thrown in just for good measure: what the effects of ultra-running are for individuals

(6)With every article I read, I become more and more disgusted with the rising cost of healthcare. This is warped and needs to change...the bigger question is how. At this point my only idea and position on this is a better effort in preventative medicine. I find it atrocious how many times I was directed to show up to the ER for my running injury when everything I've read indicated a RICE regimen (rest/ice/compression/elevation) would be the best instead of showing up to the ER and getting slapped with a bill to my insurances of over 2k. Of course showing up to the ER is a fast and easy way to CYA, but it is not practical nor the proper answer to everything. The second article is really jarring.
Rising costs of stitches and other things

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