Friday, September 13, 2013

Best way to propose? FLASH MOB, Musings and more

(1) I absolutely love this <3<3<3: Utah Man Proposes to Boyfriend with Help From a Flash Mob in Home Depot

Link to story

(2) In case you don't know about the situation in Syria, here are some good links to help:

(3) Since I've been trying to be more conscientious about the environment I started to reduce my usage of disposable plastic water bottles. Here's another reason to do so:high BPA levels (a chemical found in plastics) are linked to higher obesity risks for children

(4) While I love my classes, I am increasingly aware that I ought to be more well-trained in self-defense. Crime even in the daytime and consequently I have already had to tone down my style as to not attract goofy people with nefarious intentions. Swimming apparently needs a better plan of action so I hope to expand on this, but here are some quick safety tips I found for ladies everywhere:

(5) Why people need to stop complaining about how busy they are
Nothing is more annoying than when others complain about how busy they are. In this economy it's a luxury to have work and a gift to have work that you like and want to do. More often than not it isn't the people like residents that work 90+ hours a week or those with families and jobs that somehow always manage to make time for others amidst a busy schedule that complain. Those individuals chose their lifestyle and are content with giving their time to get better at their craft or balancing their career and family life. It appears that the people who complain about how busy they are probably are not truly content with their life and work. My mum used to tell me that not every day can be the same. That's the truth and on days that aren't so great t's important to be grateful for and realize we're a lot luckier than many others around the world. (See #2 above if you don't believe that.) Take a few moments to be grateful regardless of what kind of day you're having or how busy you are and then I suggest you TOGGL your time to see how you can better spend it if you are one of those people who are "soooo busy."

(6) While I'll refrain from any comments on my own experiences, I just wanted to put this out there from the Times:

(7) Chart from CDC via the Economist: Obesity in America

(8) To top off the musings list another story from Utah where a Dad tries to teach daughter lesson about short shorts

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