Saturday, August 3, 2013


Jay-Z-Forever Young (original video)

(1) #SaveDetroit
Sad to see the Detroit being liquidated. Apparently a Giraffe is only 80k! Anyone want to go halvsies? I want to name it Sally!
Let's Get Detroit Back on its feet
(2) From #theMBTAruinedmylife: when I saw the cover of rolling stone
(3) Baby Elephant loves to swim--super cute!
(4)  Patience is a virtue
(5) Things can change very quickly--just go with it.
(6) Document relentlessly.
(7) The fact that most people are not as meticulous as I am is extremely bothersome in the arena of a precise science.
(8) What to do when getting attacked by big scary animals
*Apparently you're only supposed to play dead if the bear has already attacked you.
**Also apparently if you're confronted by hippo you are screwed

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