Saturday, June 1, 2013

Five things

(1)  I'm extremely meticulous. Extremely.
(2) On the elliptical machine I almost always input that I am a year younger than I actually am. (Fear of aging? Yes.)
(3) I don't drink coffee. I also very rarely drink any soda. My beverages of choice are water, tea, Arnold Palmer, hot cocoa, and occasionally kombucha
(4) I have absolutely no clue what people in a Boston accent are actually saying. "Pahk tha cah at hahvahd yahd" huh?? come again????
(5) I am simply not built to tolerate this insane weather (seriously 93 degrees!?!?) I think this baby elephant is on to something. (This video reminds me of how much I like the zoo--although in this heat the aquarium is so much better.)

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